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Food within Reach for Moms with Babies

New parents spend almost the entirety of a year holding their babies in one way or another. Some babies will tolerate a bouncy seat or swing for a while, but before long, they’re crying out to be held. So parents need good food they can eat with one hand. Here are some easy and delicious bites for Mom and Dad.  All three work for moms avoiding dairy. If possible, place snacks on the top shelf of the refrigerator door for quick and easy access.



Barbecue Chicken and Pineapple Bites

Ingredients: Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, bottled barbecue sauce, pineapple (fresh or canned chunks)

Cut chicken into 1-1/2″ pieces. Brush on all sides with bottled barbecue sauce, such as Whole Foods 365 brand.  Thread chicken onto metal skewers. Place pineapple chunks on separate skewers.  Broil chicken and pineapple on top rack of oven for two minutes; turn skewers over and broil another two minutes. Test chicken for doneness, keeping in mind that it will continue to cook a bit more after being removed from the oven. When cool, transfer chicken and pineapple cubes to individual toothpicks, place in a cereal-sized bowl, and cover with plastic wrap.


Year-Round Mini BLTs

Ingredients: Thin white sandwich bread (such as Pepperidge Farm), crusts removed; mayonnaise; chopped cooked bacon;  jar of sundried tomatoes in oil, chopped fine; washed, torn lettuce, such as green-leaf or romaine.

Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on half of the bread slices. Atop the mayonnaise, place layers of chopped bacon and sundried tomatoes. Put lettuce on top, against plain slice of bread. Slice sandwiches on the diagonal so they may be pinched easily in the middle. Stack sandwiches on saucer, cover with plastic wrap.


Filled Celery Ribs

Ingredients: Celery Ribs, washed, with ends and strings removed; fillings: cream cheese w/dill, nut or soy butter, or hummus

Dry celery thoroughly. Fill cavity with desired filling. Place stalks in drinking glass and tent with a plastic bag.

7 Responses

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  1. Jennifer says

    Whitney, I have such a strong memory of you swooping into our home in the early weeks after Ava was born, bringing groceries and calm. That day you cooked a fridge full of food for us and left a big impression on me. Even now, I get HUGE cravings for your curried zucchini soup and vegetable lasagne, both of which left a powerful sense memory in my brain from that time. When I think of those dishes, I remember how you helped us and I am so grateful.

    I hope you will post some recipes here–you are a stellar cook–things that you have in your new-mom recipe aresenal. My vote for first post? Zucchini Soup!

  2. the Coconut Girl says

    Thank you, Jennifer! It was my pleasure cooking for you all that day. New babies are such a powerful reminder of how much we need to take care of each other. Would be happy to post the zucchini soup…stay tuned!

  3. Donna says

    The first three pictures look remarkably like some of the yummy one-handed treats you spoiled me with during the difficult early days with Elsie. They were DIVINE! The pineapple chicken bites and mini BLT’s with sundried tomato spread were especially delicious. Can’t wait to see your secret recipes for the greatness so we can help out other new moms in that special special way. Thanks again!!

  4. the Coconut Girl says

    Good eye, Donna! Those are your snacks, photographed just before I brought them by your house. Thanks for the kind words, and for the inspiration to post the recipes. See above!

  5. "I cook like a PIG" says

    If I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll have the chance to join you in the kitchen to prepare a meal like the ones from Lombard Street. A toast to your success from a fellow foodie in Brooklyn. BTW, only if you haven’t tried it yourself; poached whole chicken with a seared scallion relish. Great with rice or a crisp green salad.

  6. Jennifer says

    Celery and cream cheese is a huge childhood food memory for me. Is it southern?

  7. the Coconut Girl says

    Jennifer, I think it is Southern. But one thing’s for sure, it’s deeelish. And easy.

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