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by the Coconut Girl on July 22, 2011


Fisher-Price Landscape Architects is pleased to announce its new partnership with Boo Radley Yard Maintenance. Mr. Radley brings to FPLA his extensive experience in peeling porch paint, rotten railings, and weedy front walks. His work, though recognizable in any season, builds to a compositional crescendo in late summer. He’s completed projects at every home in every town, in virtually every country on earth.  Services range from Vacation-Week-Unkempt™ to Year-Round Simulated Abandonment.™

To celebrate their collaboration, FPLA and BRYM are offering a combined design/maintenance package to parents of young children. For a single fee, Fisher-Price will survey your yard and cram it full of plastic stuff. Then Boo will detail your driveway and front walk to reflect your busy lifestyle. Native species and water conservation are encouraged through the use of dandelion, crabgrass, purslane and ivy.

Offer ends when your kids turn ten. Or fifteen. Or forty.


weeds brick

boo in fla



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Ashley July 22, 2011 at 12:12 pm

HAhahaHAhahahaHAHA! :D

Carolyn July 22, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Boo Radley !! Never knew this God-sent hunk existed. I coulda used him so many times – and still could – ’cause the weeds (bless ‘em ) keep a’growing even while the flowers I carefully coddle and water, diligently, wilt and wither away to parched sticks. YES !! Stronger than strong weeds: between the stones and paving bricks !! by dang, even coming up in a pitiful. wee crack in the wood porch boards – but Boo will save our place from the “Gray Gardens” look. So Boo : could you drill tiny tiny holes in the bottom of the Fisher-Price playscape that resides the next lot over ? By cover of night (I’ll even pay you overtime) – those holes you drill might foil the gathering puddles where the mosquitoes gather and procreate, thus populating OUR garden and deck. You’re the man, Boo !! Honestly.

anne July 24, 2011 at 6:58 am

I’ve been trying to cultivate that xeriscape look on the pink rancher for years. We finally got it right this summer after taking a two week vacation in the mountains – it was just perfect when we got home!

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