Window Dialogue

by the Coconut Girl on January 28, 2011


The latest installment of seeing my life through the eyes of my college art history professor. Please read in a pseudo-English accent.  For others in the series, click here.

The artist group “Duo” debuted its latest work, “Window Dialogue” last week.  A grid of catty-wumpus blue Post-it notes surrounds a found-object glass prism on a residential double-hung window. Sometimes two per pane, sometimes one, the blue squares suggest a message-in-a-bottle urgency. “Get us out of here,” they seem to cry, trapped inside their feverish cabin by a mere 1/8″ of glass. If they could just break through to swirl in the wind like the unbagged leaves from October, gathered in slimey piles outside.  “Transcend your condition,” the prism chides the 3M progeny.  Harnessing the sun’s rays, the crystal brings the outside in, projecting spectacular rainbows on the surrounding walls and floor. “There’s weatherstripping on your facet,” a Post-it volleys back.  Yes, stuck after all, the prism turns out to be–tethered by the proverbial toilet-paper-on-the shoe.


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