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Wack Art

Going for a Run

by the Coconut Girl on March 27, 2014


Holiday Tour

by the Coconut Girl on December 19, 2013

We’re taking a holiday light tour. On a bus. But first, a few questions.


In and Out

by the Coconut Girl on December 2, 2013

“Love is staying when everything says ‘go.’” Man, I hate that stinky quote. This one’s not much better: “Say, are those greens from the garden?” That’s what I almost asked musician Corey Harris when I saw him at Whole Foods in 2004. Luckily, I chickened out. He was standing next to me in the produce [...]


Shrub Daydreams

by the Coconut Girl on September 16, 2013


Conversations with Candy Screen, A & Q

by the Coconut Girl on July 17, 2013

  A spiritual book I once read is structured in a question-and-answer format. It says to do this: Lie down in your boat and let the current turn you downstream. Meanwhile, a flyer I have from the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), says to do this: Limit your child’s screen-time to less than one hour [...]


Perfect Fit

by the Coconut Girl on July 9, 2013

“We met and knew right away we were a perfect fit!” “His business model was a perfect fit for our investment mix.” “Your hand-me-down skirt is a perfect fit!” Perfect fit: what a beautiful concept. Every now and then you see one coming. You don your matchmaker hat because you know two compatible single friends. [...]


Kale Fail

by the Coconut Girl on June 25, 2013

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Make Lemonade!

by the Coconut Girl on May 17, 2013

It’s swimsuit season! If your backside puckers like it just ate a lemon, Make Lemonade!


tCG’s HoneyWagon Music Fest!

by the Coconut Girl on April 15, 2013

A man stands at a street corner with his partner, waiting for the light to change. He notices a flyer stapled to phone pole. “Awesome! The HoneyWagon Music Fest is this weekend!” The partner steps around the phone pole, and sees a flyer, too. “Oh.”  


Jennifer Lawrence Answers Questions About Gender Equality

by the Coconut Girl on February 27, 2013

An article came out recently in the New York Times about women in the workplace. Has there been a feminist regression in the last fifteen years? Why are women working/earning/living less large now than in other decades since the feminist revolution? The author, Stephanie Coontz, sets out to answer these questions, using lots of illuminating [...]