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Don’t Wake the Baby!!!!

by the Coconut Girl on March 9, 2010

Question: Do you know what time the trash truck comes blasting down your street with its twelve-cylinder engine and squealing brakes?  Answer: Ten minutes into your baby’s naptime.  When is your neighbor going to rev up his smoke-spewing, spastic-throttled leaf blower? Why, as you’re transferring your sleeping infant from his car seat to the crib, [...]


Bittersweet Valentine’s Candy for Parents of Newborns

by the Coconut Girl on February 12, 2010

First 2: hers & his Bitter.  Second 2: hers and his Sweet.


“Passion!” A one-minute play for parents of newborns

by the Coconut Girl on January 23, 2010

The following play recounts an actual conversation my husband and I had when our son was three weeks old. It’s evening. Father enters scene. He’s tired from his workday, but in good humor. Sets down briefcase. Joins mother of his child on the sofa. Father: Putting feet on ottoman: “Ahhhhhh.”   Looks at Mother. She’s unshowered, [...]


Easy Meal for Hungry Parents, #1: Bruschetta with Cheese

by the Coconut Girl on December 8, 2009

This post is the first in a series of quick meal ideas designed with tired new parents in mind. The goal is to get the dinner-wheels turning; substitute and modify as required based on what’s readily on-hand in the kitchen. Bruschetta with Cheese Total time: 15 minutes Ingredients: bread, mayonnaise, fresh tomatoes (plum, grape, and [...]

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How can I help? 5 Quick Tips for Partners. Actually, 6.

by the Coconut Girl on December 4, 2009

If a Coconut Girl (new mom) is crying or generally has the blues, her partner might ask “how can I help?” This well-meaning question, oddly enough, can sometimes make things worse. Here’s why. Partners like to fix things, to make life better. To do so, they seek specific acts they can perform to produce a [...]

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[Food] Design within Reach

by the Coconut Girl on November 4, 2009

No one’s hungry like a new mother is hungry. Hungry for food, sleep, comfort, understanding, and help getting through the long weeks.  Right now I have two friends who are Coconut Girls (moms with new babies), both of them second time-moms. Their infants are two and three months old. The initial wave of support that [...]

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