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Going Forward

by the Coconut Girl on April 5, 2015

My actor friends tell me that the first rule of improv theater is to be affirmative. Lately I’ve been noticing that life is eerily similar to improv, so I’ve decided to beef up my can-do, go-with-it attitude. But pre-beefing, I want to ask a quick negative favor: Stop saying “Going forward.” Think of it as [...]

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Mixing Things Up

by the Coconut Girl on January 29, 2015

What? New stomach mole? God, I don’t know my body. Scratch that! Thin Mint crumb. *         *         *         *          * Boozing it up, maxing out the credit cards, hitting the clubs. Last night someone was out doing those things, but I was home in the tub—eating a tube of Girl Scout cookies, and reading.  It [...]


Seize the Socks

by the Coconut Girl on January 15, 2015

Chris Martin, the frontman of the band Coldplay, said in a radio interview last year that he never holds back his best material. For him, there’s no rainy day to save a good song for, nor a mythical better album for it to crown. Whatever future opportunity may exist, the song is here, and the [...]


The Dealer

by the Coconut Girl on December 31, 2014

If you snap this blanket, and the whole fringed edge falls over the far side of the bed without touching the wall, then the frozen meat package arriving from your in-laws will contain those delicious twice-baked potatoes. Some people spend their lives trying to quiet their mental critic. I spend my life being propositioned by [...]



by the Coconut Girl on November 20, 2014

For twenty-five years, clients have hired me after their design budget spreadsheets were already singing on key. I’ve come in, most often as part of a team, to join the middle verse: designing what they’ve dreamed up to build. Eventually, the clients and I find ourselves standing in that realized dream. No matter how big [...]


Chicken Cutlet

by the Coconut Girl on November 5, 2014

Recently I taught my eight-year-old how to bread a chicken cutlet. As a thank-you, he accidentally showed me how to shoot gasoline out of a fuel pump like a firehose. To celebrate our personal development, we flicked crumbs across the dining room table, and talked in English lady voices. They are like Sundays to us, [...]


The River

by the Coconut Girl on September 26, 2014

We went down to the river And into the river we’d dive Down to the river we’d ride –Bruce Springsteeen Vapor rose from the river just yards from where we stood. I saw it reflected in the surface first.  That’s how still the water was, like a mirror that had closed around our legs. My [...]



by the Coconut Girl on July 9, 2014

Along my route home last night, I saw two people standing alone by the side of the road. They’d pulled over to photograph a town-wide rainbow that followed a sudden thunderstorm.  I was inside a home-improvement store when the deluge hit. Rain pounded the metal roof pan overhead. For a moment, the other shopper in [...]

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My Writing Life

by the Coconut Girl on July 4, 2014

Blog hops are catching on like wildfire, and I’m so excited to participate in one thanks to my friend and fellow-blogger, Miller Murray Susen. What’s a blog hop? It’s when a group of bloggers post on a common topic in a loose sequence, and then refer readers to other participating bloggers they admire. For this [...]

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A Stop in the Hall

by the Coconut Girl on June 10, 2014

With so many worthy causes to devote one’s time to, there’s not much use campaigning for more interesting hallways by restaurant bathrooms. And yet, being someone who spends a lot of time in these spaces waiting for my children, I wonder: what if these corridors were beautiful? My son peeks around the restroom door on [...]